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Natural Science
NATS 1710
Stanley Jeffers

Format of the Final Exam The final exam will consist of two parts-part (i) will comprise around 30 multiple choice questions. (ii) part two will comprise nine questions of which you should respond to six. These questions will require a paragraph or two supplemented with a suitable diagram if necessary. Please write you answers in your best handwriting and your best grammatical English. Point form answers are not acceptable. Some sample questions are given below- Part 1 1.According to Newton, in which of these instances is NO unbalanced force operating upon a body (A) A stone at rest on the ground (b) Raindrops falling vertically (c) A bubble rising up from the bottom of a glass (d) A ball rolling a cross the floor (e) A planet moving in a circular orbit. (f) A and d 2. During retrograde motion a planet (a) moves backward in the sky and appears to get fainter (b) moves backward in the sky and appears to get smaller. (c) moves backward in the sky and appears to get brighter. (d) moves backward in the sky and appears to get redder. 3. Kepler believed that the force holding the planets in their orbits was- (a) electrical (b) gravitational (c) magnetic (d) of unknown origin Part 2 1. Discuss the astronomical discoveries of Galileo indicating clearly in what respect, if any, they contradicted Ari
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