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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Mary- Helen Armour

Expanding The Solar System  17 Century: Telescope + Newton’s Physics resulted in Broader View of Solar System.  Galileo discovers the Moons of Jupiter, Observes Saturn’s Rings (Although Unaware, Believed Saturn Appeared to Change Shapes)  Christian Huygens: Explained Saturn’s Rings, Discovered Saturn’s Largest Moon (Titan), Involved in designing Accurate Clocks for Measuring Longitude.  Cassini (1625 – 1712): Director of Paris Observatory in 1671, discovered Saturn’s Moon, Titan (and others), Discovered Gap in Saturn’s Rings (now called Cassini Gap), made accurate observations of movements and eclipses of Jupiter’s Moons.  Mid 1700’s – Comet Hunting becomes popular thanks to The Telescope.  Application of Newton’s Physics allows for discovery of Comet Orbits (ex. Halley’s Comet)  On Average, 2 to 3 Comets enter our Solar System every month, Shortest Comet Orbit is 3-5 Years and most Comets return regularly.  Charles Messier : Comet Hunter who compiled the first catalogue of Non – Stellar Objects (Messier Catalogue), found roughly 110 to 115 objec
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