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NURS 3524 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nonverbal Communication, Chief Operating Officer, Tablespoon

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NURS 3524
Mavoy Bertram
Study Guide

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Paediatric week 1
Most common cause of accidents is motor vehicle accidents
environment should also have some play provision for young children to keep them occupied
during the parent-nurse interview
- Parents who are constantly interrupted by their children are unable to concentrate fully and
tend to give brief answers to finish the interview quick
infants primarily use and understand nonverbal communication
needs and feelings through nonverbal behaviors and vocalizations
Infants smile and coo when content and cry when distressed
Loud, harsh sounds and sudden movements are frightening
Early childhood
Children younger than 5 egocentric
See things in relation to themselves and their POV
focus communication on them
Experiences of others are of no interest to them
Allow them to touch and examine articles they will come in contact with

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School-age years
They want explanations and reasons for everything but require no verification beyond that
They want to know why an object exists, why it is used, how it works, and the intent and
purpose of its user
may appear to overreact to loss or threatened loss of treasured objects
fluctuate between child and adult thinking and behavior
- Play requires minimum equipment or none at all.
- Through play, children reveal their perceptions of interpersonal relationships with their
family, friends, or hospital personnel
Paediatric nursing
Improve the quality of healthcare for children and families
- Development
- Nutrition
- Oral health
- Childhood problems
Philosophy of care
Family cantred care
- Enable and empower
Atraumatic care
Minimize physical and psychologic distress do no harm
provision of therapeutic care in settings, by personnel, and through the use of interventions that
eliminate or minimize the psychologic and physical distress experienced by children and their families in
the health care system.
Paediatric medication
1 teaspoon = 5 ml/cc
1 tablespoon = 15 ml/cc
1 ounce = 30 ml/cc
16 ounces = 1 pound
1) Pounds to kilogram
Pound (lbs) to kilogram (kg) = pound /2.2

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- Carry calculations to 100th decimal
4-2-1 rule
Intravenous buretrol device
- Used to deliver maintenance fluids for patients that weigh less than 5 kg
- Capacity 150 mL
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