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Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 1010
Marko Horbatsch

Chapter 21 6 21.1 What must the distance between point charge q1= 26 10 C and point charge 6 q 2 47 10 C for the electrostatic force between them to be 5.70N? The magnitude of the force of attraction is given by Coulombs law where we have taken the absolute value of the force and the charges. q 1 2 F = 2 4 0 r = q1q2 4 0 2610 C4710 C 6 = 4 05.7N =1.39m 21.5 Of the charge Q, on a tiny sphere, a portion q is to is to be transferred to a second nearby sphere. The spheres can be treated as particles. For what value of qQ maximizes the magnitude F of the electrostatic force between the two spheres. We begin with a drawing showing the charge on each sphere. (Q-q) q r To nd the maximum, we take the derivative and set it equal to zero. q(Q q) Qq q 2 F = 2 = 2 4 0 4 0 dF Q 2q = 0 = 2 dq 4 0 q = 1 Q 2 21.8 In Fig 21-23, four particles for a square. The charges areq1= q 4 Q and q 2 q 3 q (a) What is Qq if the net electrostatic force on particles 1 and 3 is zero. (b) Is there any value of q that makes the net electrostatic force on the each of the four particles zero? Explain.
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