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EXAM REVIEW - Exam Review done in tutorial - Summaries of Manent's Book. Chapters 2-13 - in the notes sci=Science

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

EXAM REVIEW IN TUTORIAL Liberalism Change • • Progress • Work • Individualism • Property • Freedom • Reason; • What you do as a worker is your property INDIVIDUALISM------------REASON------------PROPERTY • If everyone uses its reason, society as a whole will progress and it’s not because we’re trying to stop the progress to happen but it will happen in the end on its own • We are working on our own interests using our own hands which makes society advance • Freedom pretends to be the system of liberty so it is because we are free to use our own reason, to obtain property and to use our own objective that is liberalism Conservatism • Tradition • Universal order • Hierarchy • Natural change; small changes [Unnatural change would be something that occurs very quickly, a revolution, its abstract, while the natural change is small changes] • They want order and want things to be natural • They want little change possible and if change was going to occur it was going to be small changes not any dramatic changes • Some conservatives will say > traditions are good because god told u so but the more evolved conservatism is out of the religious argument • For 2thousand years we been living under the rules of tradition and were doing well and there's peace and etc etc while up change will bring murder, blood, civil war • The conservative argument is saying well look what thev done? Did they have to kill hundreds of thousands of people nd that's what abstract change will bring that's why we have to bring natural change so that we can see the changes small and decide step by step how each step is good or bad for society • ARISTOCRACY "the best are at the top" • Even for the people that are protected under the actual regime • Socialism • Industrialization • Group/community/class • Work • State involvement • Equality • Revolution • If the notion of individualism was the core concept in liberalism, what's the opposite in socialism? > class.. Social classes • Yes it’s the group but it’s not the groups such as friends and family, it’s in relation of social transformation or status quo because u share the same interests as a specific social class • Ex. Working class and ruling class • What is the difference between those two classes? • The ownership of the means of production, the working has one thing, > it can sell its capacity to work • Both theories recognize the fact that someone at some point is selling its labour • The other theory is that more and less u are enslaving urself to another class • At the beginning we all have to work and we need to work if we want humanity to survive • But there are some ppl who choose not to work and want to exploit others but if they dont disappear the parasite will disappear • Importance of the notion of work • During industrialization, exploitation was less and less visible, before it was quite obvious • There was a political power that was dominating u and your family • It was based on political power, "if u don’t do it will kill u " • But then came industrialization, where ppl cannot kill u but what they can do is take away up salary, and infact this situation is exploitation in disguise • If we analysis the power relation in captive societies u see the difference • U have two systems, 1. Liberalism 2. Capitalism • It is the system of money which is saying that its not the system of liberty because ppl are not free to do what they want its the fact of capitalism they are not free • If we want to reach equality there are 2 solutions • Thru revolutions [over throwing the state] • Thru state involvement [using the state to enter equality, social programs] • They are saying that we need something more then state involvement • Normally those reformists will sell their reforms saying if we do that there will be less social discomfort cuz ppl will have free health care, so its good in terms of peace and freedom • In another way its strange to hear them to say that because what they are saying is that capitalism ..
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