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POLS 1000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Putney Debates

Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh
Study Guide

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Pools 1000 exam question 2 Study Notes
QOT PRINCIPLE: What touches all should be approved and considered by law - principle of
roman law
There was a rebellion against the absolute monarchy and religious oppression
Driven by a strong disapproval of the king’s authoritarian ways - Charles the first
Divine right theory = king’s authority comes from god
Charles would be put above the law - which lead to a conflict between the king and the
parliament also paving into the Puritan revolt
For puritans they believed it was necessary to limit the king’s power
The parliament will create its new army called the new model army = military force to
defeat the royal army.
After the king was arrested the high point of the revolution was his execution = kings rule
was replaced by oliver cromwell
NMA will fight for ideas and values to defend the rights of the people
Divided into 2 camps ( room for debate: Putney debates) : Levellers and Grandees
Leaders= Grandees: sought for traditional political regime ( Wanted an extension on the
right to vote)
Grandees lead by cromwell argue that if the right to vote is given to all men it will lead to
The levellers (common soldiers) respond they should vote because of their war service
MAIN ARGUMENT : Necessary for citizens to give their consent = voting is a way of
showing so
13 colonies will declare war against the british
The colonies manage to defeat them in 1783
British policy of taxing the colonies was met with great resistance
Problem: these people were being taxed but they had no representation in london
Because they weren't represented they couldn't give / refuse their consent to this
No taxation without representation = rally
Illegitimate to raise taxes on people who were denied political participation
Colonies engage in civil disobedience = boycott british goods and refusal to sell taxation
E.G boston tea party - dumped tea in boston harbour
In order for government to be legitimate it must seek consent from those to are to submit
Political legitimacy rests upon consent = if people don’t agree government cannot raise
taxes or govern by any other means
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