POLS 2910 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: North American Free Trade Agreement, National Energy Program, Structural Adjustment

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Discuss this statement in reference to canadian policies since. Intro: canada"s domestic constitution and public governance has never been independent from world politics. Canada"s political economics, political ideology, and the international institutions set in place since world war ii have been some of the biggest influences on the structures and institutions set on place in canada. As a result, this external constitution" has gradually taken away the states independence to act without consulting many other factors involved. Welfare state and neoliberal state have impacted the interests of the canadian economy as well as its citizens ever since the founding of the nation, most notably post-great depression. Wwii led to the human rights movement and the great depression which brought us reform liberalism which brought keynesian welfare state. Idea of state intervention following the collapse of the global economic system from the great. Depression: keynesian economics was first introduced to promote general economic stability.