POLS 2910 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: 1973 Oil Crisis, Charlottetown Accord, National Energy Program

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Definition: through collective fragments of different political parties, canada is the country is today. Louis ha(cid:396)tz(cid:859)s f(cid:396)ag(cid:373)e(cid:374)t thesis believes our political culture contains fragments of our european t(cid:396)aditio(cid:374)s. this is (cid:449)he(cid:396)e ca(cid:374)ada(cid:859)s li(cid:271)e(cid:396)al a(cid:374)d (cid:272)o(cid:374)se(cid:396)(cid:448)ati(cid:448)e (cid:448)alues o(cid:396)igi(cid:374)ate f(cid:396)o(cid:373). The first fragment was conservative, new france, yield to authority. The french system was called the seigneurial system and was a quasi-feudal way of land distributions as well as the basis of the hierarchy of society. The british system was based off the idea of responsible government and evolved into the westminster system; which canadian democracy is based off today. Ho(cid:396)o(cid:449)itz(cid:859)s to(cid:396)y tou(cid:272)h added to ha(cid:396)t(cid:859)s thesis fu(cid:396)the(cid:396). Due to ou(cid:396) (cid:862)(cid:396)ed to(cid:396)y(cid:863) (cid:271)a(cid:272)kg(cid:396)ou(cid:374)d, ca(cid:374)ada is (cid:373)o(cid:396)e open in their conservatism and moderates in the conservative party. For example, america never developed socialism because america never had a socialist party. Secondary: ey(cid:373)ou(cid:396) lipset(cid:859)s fo(cid:396)(cid:373)ati(cid:448)e e(cid:448)e(cid:374)ts theo(cid:396)y states countries have political cultures that reflect the major events at the time of their founding.

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