POLS 3500 Study Guide - Final Guide: Secret Ballot, Nikita Khrushchev, Rein

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1200-1800 words (4-6 pages: 12-point font, double-spaced. Grammar and spelling: explain the change in attitudes of the communist ruling classes (from anti-capitalism, no privatization, and egalitarianism political pluralism and market economics) on the way from. Nomenklatura: party-state bureaucracy which held monopoly power in the state and controlled bulk of the economy. But these are exceptions, and even the exceptions are subject to a party veto. The state owned most of the instruments of production, so almost everyone who was not a collective farmer was employed by some state agency or other. Influence of any kind could be wielded only within officially recognised organisations and through official channels, and any published statement had to follow the line laid down. Members of the ruling group developed a very strong sense of self-interest in suppressing any challenge from outside (nove 43) It was not just stalin"s orders to eliminate all unofficial groups and ideas (nove 43)

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