PPAS 4130 Study Guide - Final Guide: Patriation Reference, Signify, Supreme Court Act

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Ppas 4130 politics, law & the courts. This paper seeks to analyze the judiciary"s role in historically controversial intergovernmental relations and conflict resolution within canada. There has been a colorful chronicle of intergovernmental conflicts that succumbed to the option of requesting the courts to identify and clarify the legality in their operations. The courts and the government are subjected to abide by the principles and rules listed within the constitution. The constitution is the supreme doctrine within canada that embodies the values of the canadian people and provides the framework for democracy. It is important to first distinguish the functions of the three branches of government. The executive/federal powers of canada reside in the form as the prime minister, cabinet and ministers responsible for government departments. The legislative branch of federal government consists of the senate and the house of commons. These bodies are to debate and pass bills.

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