PSYC 1010 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sympathetic Nervous System, Belongingness, Extraversion And Introversion

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7 Apr 2020
Tip sheet for Midterm #3
Social Motives
need for achievement, wanting to accomplish goals; desire to excel, wanting to succeed
and trying hard
need for affiliation, wanting to be with others, wanting to be accepted by others;
winning friends
intimacy, wanting good interpersonal relations, wanting warm close exchange with
significant other
need for power, wanting influence or to control others, wanting to have an impact
Hierarchy of Needs
Need for self-actualization: realization of potential
Aesthetic needs: order and beauty
Cognitive needs, knowledge and understanding: problem solving, acceptance of facts
Esteem needs, achievement and gaining of recognition: confidence, self-esteem
Belongingness and love needs, affiliation and acceptance: sexual intimacy, family, friendships
Safety and Security: long-term survival and stability, body, health, property, employment
Physiological Needs: hunger thirst, sex, sleep
Progression: when lower tier needs are satisfied
Regression: if lower needs are not being satisfied
You at your best
Primary Emotions
Fear, anger, surprise, joy, disgust, sadness
3 Components of Emotion
Subjective/Cognitive: pleasant/unpleasant internal state & associated thoughts, thoughts
intensify emotions
Physiological: activation of sympathetic nervous system, changes in breathing, heart rate,
Behavioural: changes in body language, posture, facial expressions
Fetal Development
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