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PSYCH2030 Introduction to Research Methods Lecture 7 *Hint for multiple choice* and final lecture notes before Test 2.

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York University
PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

PSYCH2030 Lecture 7 13-03-10 9:07 PM Sorry for missing Lecture 6, I was ill and not able to make it to class. *Multiple varied analysis will be a multiple choice question* Test 2: Next Week Observational and Survey Research Methods Goals of Psychology: 1. Describe 2. Predict 3. Control 4. Explain Behaviour Observational Research: 1. Purpose is to describe behaviour as it naturally occurs in a given setting. 2. Two Types: o Naturalistic Observations  Absence of Control  Unable to Infer Causality  Observer Bias  Ways of Reducing Observer Bias: • Having multiple observers and assessing the inter-observer reliability • Videotape • *Behaviour Checklist (also operationalize your terms) o Participant Observations Use different sampling procedures 1. Time Sampling 2. Event 3. Individual To reduce Subject Reactivity: 1. use unobtrusive measures o direct unobtrusive measures o indirect unobtrusive measures Survey Research- a structured set of questions are given to measure people’s attitudes/beliefs. Two Types of Sampling: 1. Probability Sampling o Population and sample 2. Non-Probability Sampling In order to generalize from your sample to the population, your sample must be representative of the population (it must be unbiased). Probability Sampling Type of Research Sampling: 1. Random Sampling 2. Cluster Sampling- you randomly select a cluster of people all having a common feature randomly selected. i. i.e. select 7 out of 20 buildings ii. select 3 out of 25 floors
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