PSYC 2030 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Face Validity, Discriminant, Stratified Sampling

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11 Mar 2013

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Sorry for missing lecture 6, i was ill and not able to make it to class. *multiple varied analysis will be a multiple choice question* Goals of psychology: describe, predict, control, explain behaviour. Observational research: purpose is to describe behaviour as it naturally occurs in a given setting, two types, naturalistic observations. Ways of reducing observer bias: having multiple observers and assessing the inter-observer reliability, videotape, *behaviour checklist (also operationalize, participant observations your terms) Use different sampling procedures: time sampling, event, individual. To reduce subject reactivity: use unobtrusive measures, direct unobtrusive measures indirect unobtrusive measures. Survey research- a structured set of questions are given to measure people"s attitudes/beliefs. Two types of sampling: probability sampling, population and sample, non-probability sampling. In order to generalize from your sample to the population, your sample must be representative of the population (it must be unbiased). So you randomly pick 100 but proportions must remain:

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