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Bio Basis Ch 6

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York University
PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Vision We are not able to see everything we can only see things when rays of light strike our retina perpendicularly61 Visual Coding General Principals of Perception The information received by your different senses has to do with the way the neurons respond the senses their amount of response and their timing of the response Law of specific nerve energies Johannes Muller different neurons are excited by different senses so particular nerves will always convey the same information to the brain The strength of the stimulus will decide whether the neuron will go into hyperpolarization or into depolarization From Neuronal activity to Perception When seeing an object the brain does not duplicate what you see it is not exactly transmitted as what you see because different receptors in the brain will influence it and how it is perceivedThe eye and its connections to the brain Pupil the center of the iris where light enters the eye The light is centered by the lens adjustable bc of the ciliary muscles and the cornea not adjustable outside protection of pupil Retina where the light is projected onto and is lined with the visual receptors Light coming from the left half of the world will strike the right half of the retina and vice versa similarly light coming from the top will strike the bottom of the retina Route within the retinaOnce the light hits the retina receptors it then travels to the bipolar cells near center ofeye and then is sent to the ganglion cells even closer to the centreThe ganglion cells then join to axons of the cells which sends the information towards the optic nerves
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