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York University
PSYC 2510
Richard N Lalonde

April 3, 2013 Psychology – Lecture 24 Final Exam & Basic Psychology Take Home Messages Final Exam – April 16, 2013  Approximately 75-80 M/C questions & 5-7 short answer questions  Chapter 13 – Stress, Coping & Health  Chapter 14 – Disorders  Chapter 15 – Treatment  Chapter 16 – Social Psychology  Chapters, lectures (including videos) & Methodological concepts Basic take home messages  Psychology is a science that helps us go beyond personal experiences, intuition and common sense  The majority of human behaviours have multiple causes. When interpreting behaviour, it is wise to consider multiple levels of explanation – biological, cognitive and social  Diversity is one aspect of humanity that we should accept and celebrate, but there are more similarities than differences in human behaviour. o This includes gender similarity  The CNS provides the foundation of behaviour o Messing with the CNS has implications! (By taking drugs)  Perception involves an imperfect reconstruction of an external reality o But things perceived as real, are going to have real effects  Attention is a limited resource  Human memory has its advantages and its limits. Memory is malleable. o Underst
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