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Health Psychology Exam 1 Notes - chapters 1-5.docx

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PSYC 3170
Jennifer Mills

Health Psychology Exam 1 NotesChapter 1What Is Health Psychology Health psychology is devoted to understanding psychological influences on how people stay healthy why they become ill and how they respond when they do get illHealth psychologists study such issues and promote interventions1948 Health organization defined health as a complete state of physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of infirmityHealth psychologists focus on health promotion maintenance prevention and treatmentEtiologyorigins or causes of illnessAlso focus on health care system and formulation of health policyHow Has Our View of the MindBody Relationship Changed Over TimeUsed to believe in mindbody relationship spirits made us sick currently believe in mindbody relationship thoughts emotions etc affect health Come full circleGreeks believed illness came when four bodily fluids out of balanceMiddle ages swung back to supernatural explanations of illnessPsychoanalytic ContributionsConversion hysteriaunconscious conflicts can produce particular physical disturbances o Patient converts the conflict into a symptom Psychosomatic MedicineDunbar and Alexander linked patterns of personality rather than a single specific conflict to specific illnessesConflicts produce anxiety which becomes unconscious and takes a physiological toll on the bodyPsychosomatic medicinebodily disorders caused by emotional conflictsResearchers now believe that a particular conflict or personality type is not sufficient to produce illnessBehavioural MedicinePsychosomatic medicine bridged mindbody gap however relied on subjective verbal interventions Not testableBehavioural medicine is testable objectiveIntegrates behavioural science and biomedical science for understanding physical health and illness 1 What Is The Biopsychosocial Model of HealthBiopsychosocial modela model for studying the idea that the mind and the body together determine health and illness Fundamental assumption is that health and illness are consequences of the interplay of biological psychological and social factorThe Biopsychosocial Model Versus the Biomedical ModelBiomedical model can be explained on the basis of aberrant somatic processes such as biochemical imbalances or neurophysiological abnormalitiesAssumes that psychological and social processes are largely independent of the disease processIt is a reductionistic modelreduces illness to lowlevel process such as disordered cells and chemical imbalances o Doesnt recognize the role of more general social and psychological processes o Explains illness in terms of a biological malfunction rather than recognizing variety of factorsBiomedical assumes mindbody as separate entitiesEmphasizes illness over health focuses on things that lead to illness rather than on the conditions that might promote healthAdvantages of the Biopsychosocial ModelMaintains that biological psychological and social factors are allimportant determinants of health and illnessSystems theorymaintains that all levels of organization in any entity are linked to each other hierarchically and that change in any one level will effect change in all the other levelsClinical Implications of the Biopsychosocial ModelBy looking at all three sets of factor should be possible to target therapy unique for that individualNeed effective practicepractitioner relationshipWhy Is The Field Of Health Psychology NeededChanging Patterns of Illness th Until 20 century acute disorders tuberculosis pneumonia other infectious diseases major causes of illness and death in CanadaAcute disordersshortterm medical illnesses usually viral or bacterialNow chronic illness are the main contributors to disability and deathChronic illnessesslowly developing diseases with which people live for a long timeNot cured but managed2
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