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PSYC 3260
Carly Mc Morris

COGNITION EXAM 1 THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7TH 2013 CHAPTERS 14 Chapter 1 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Outline Review Course OutlineCourse Objectives and DescriptionTextbookOnline Resource Course Structure and RequirementsBrief Introduction to Cognitive PsychologyQuestionsOffice hours are appointment only BSB building TA is available by appointment only as well83011am lecture and last half hour is to ask questionsAssignment that was suppose to be due next week is now due the week after Jan 24thTherefore two labs are due that day SLIDES WILL BE ON MOODLECog lab instructions includedThe experiments can be from 1045 minutes long TestsNon cumulative 3 hoursMC and essaylong answer questions Presented with 4 questions and choose two to respond to About Me 4th Year PhD student in the ClinicalDevelopmental Area in the Psychology DepartmentAcademic research and clinicianArea of research and clinical interest is in Pervasive Developmental Disorders PDDs What are PDDsPervasive Developmental Disorders PDDs Severe psychological problems emerging in infancyDifficulties in three areas communication social relationships and behavioursWhat Does This Have to do With Cognition Course Objectives1Understand main principals theories models and empirical findings of cognitive processes 2 Demonstrate the ability to read understand conduct and write an experimental study 3 Relate cognitive processes to everyday situations Contd Course Objectives 1 Understand main principals theories models and empirical findings of cognitive processes 2 Demonstrate the ability to read understand conduct and write an experimental study 3 Relate cognitive processes to everyday situations Required TextbookOnline Resource Required TextbookGoldstein BE 2011 Cognitive Psychology Connecting Mind Research and Everyday Experience 3rd Edition Belmont CA Wadsworth Required Online Resource CogLab 20 Required for both weekly assignments and research reportWhere to Get TheseText bookCogLab 20 access code are available as a package at the York University BookstoreISBN 1111658404 Book is also available in the reserves at Scott Library or at the discount book store on Keele Street Do not buy a used CogLab 20 Access The York University Bookstore has ordered individual CogLab 20 access codes that can be purchased Available early next weekCog Lab 20Once you have received your CogLab 20 Access Code follow the below steps 1 httpcoglabwadsworthcom 2 Scroll down to Students click on Create an Account 3 Read the instructions provided 4 Scroll down and enter in the Group ID PSYC3260 5 Enter in the Access Password yorkuca 6 Enter in your Registration Code code you will be purchasingOnce you have created your account you will have access to the experiments that you are required to complete each week see schedule in course outlineAfter completing each experiment please save your data You will be using this data for the research reportHas a time stamp she knows when you finished it Needs to be done before class starts 5 worth overallWill receive a zero if you do not do itJust need to do it for marks She does not care how well Pick one of the experiments for your research report When doing so you will be using the data of the whole class not just your ownSubmit assignment in classResearch Report 2 pages written per section Intro methods discussion etcDouble spacedChapter 1 Introduction to Psychology What is the capital of Canada OTTAWA What cognitive processes were involved with you coming up with the answerVisual Imagery PerceptionAttentionShorttermWorking Memory LongTerm Memory KnowledgeLanguage And othersWhat is the capital of CanadaOttawa If you thought Toronto you are demonstrating a false memory What cognitive processes were involved with you coming up with the answerMemoryRetrieval Storage CategorizationKnowledge AttentionLanguagePerceptionVisual Imagery Short termLong term memory and othersChapter 2 Part 1Intro Chapter 1 Introduction to Psychology Refer to diagram on slides 2 and 3 Different processes involved in cognition simultaneously These are unconscious processes Cannot remember somethingaware of process Some Questions to Consider How is cognitive psychology relevant to everyday experienceAre there practical applications of cognitive psychologyApplication what happens when you cannot process something Therefore it is important to understand the basics ex Brain injury How impairments affect our daily life Example amnesia Contd How is it possible to study the inner workings of the mind when we cant really see the mind directly What is the connection between computers and the study of the mind Problem cannot ask people what is going on unconsciously and it is difficult to understand the mind when one does not have language Example Visual Cliff Experiment Eleanor J Gibson and Richard J Walker Toddler trying to determine depth Perception experiment Mother tries to call the child to the deep end of the checkered floor The baby does not do so therefore they perceive depth Cognitive psychologists stated depth perception starts to occur between ages 610 months 6 months and younger crossed over The First Cognitive Psychologists Donders 1868 Mental Chronometry Measuring how long a cognitive process takes Reactiontime RT experiment Measures interval between stimulus presentation and persons response to stimulus Mental Chronometry Ability to develop a response time to infer something about behaviour Donders How long does it take for one to make a decision Taska Reaction time tasksee a light on the computer and press the button J b Choice reaction time tasksee light on left of screen press J see light on right side of screen press K
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