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Psychology and the Law Exam #1.docx

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PSYC 3310
Justin Friesen

Psychology and the Law Exam 1 chapter14October 2 2013Questions Please describe the two types of polygraph tests Questions Describe the most common errors made by the Comparison Question Test CQT Question Describe the most common errors made by the Concealed Information Test CIT Question Describe physiological based alternatives to the polygraphQuestion Outline the verbal and nonverbal cues of deceptionProfessors Lecture NotesVideo Mr Big A technique used primarily in Canada1Polygraph Method The polygraph method is based on the belief that deception is related toassociated with physiological changes The polygraph method measure a respiration b heart rate c sweatingPolygraph is used to record an individuals automatic nervous system responses in response to the presentation of stimulus for example questions about the crime It measures breathing the amount of sweat on the skin and the heart rate A polygraph is used to measure a personsphysiological responses to questions asked by an examinerWhenyoulietherearebodilychangesandreactionsthathappenThepolygraphmachinecanmeasurethisinformationPolygraph disclosure revelationconfession test Polygraph tests that are used to uncover information about an offenders past behaviors ex If the offender is violating the conditions of probation or is used to test for evidence of risky behaviours such as sexual fantasies about children The polygraph test does not detect lies per say since the physiological states associated with lying share much in common with many other states including anxiety anger embarrassment and fear The test is designed to measure physiological responses to different types of questions Some questions are designed to elicit a larger physiological response in guilty individuals than in those who are innocent The claims about the accuracy of the polygraph test made today parallel those made throughout the history of the polygraph practitioners have always claimed extremely high levels of accuracy and these claims have rarely been reflected in empirical research UnderstandthatthepolygraphdoesnotdetectlyingThepolygraphdetectsbodilychangesthatweaccompanywithlying2William MarstonWilliam Marston is the originator of the modern polygraph 1917William Marston is the creator of Wonder Women WilliamcreatedthepolygraphtestfirstandthenhedevelopedWonderWomenWilliamstestonlylookedatsystolicbloodpressureit measures the amount of pressure that blood exerts on arteries and vessels while the heart is beatingandattemptedtousethisphysiologicalresponseasevidenceforapersonsinnocencecanyouexpandonthisbutnowthetestmeasuresthisandmorethingssuchasrespirationetcHeusedthepremiseofthepolygraphtesttocreatetheWonderWomencharacterasshewasabletomakepeopletellthetruth3Use of polygraph Helps in criminal investigations suspect is asked to take a polygraph test Verifies a crime has occurred victim is asked to take a polygraph test Monitoring sexual offenders on probation Unites States
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