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PSYC 3410 Final

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PSYC 3410
Michael Luther

PSYC 3410 Final Exam (Open Book) October 19, 2012 Lecture: Meta-Cognitive Testing: Thinking Skills Training  Piaget (hands-on) o Disappearance of MLE: Cultural Deprivation o FLOORTIME (5 steps; not IBI): Theory of Mind that Piaget does not talk about.  Observe, Approach/Open the circle, Follow the child's lead, extend and expand, child closes the circle.  Stanley Greenspan (for autistic kids and crack babies)  Theory of mind: taking perspective  Vygotsky (one-on-one)  Feuerstein (cultural adaptation = intelligence?) o You can learn from any culture if you are not culturally deprived and have the tools. Not into empathy and feelings. o Mediated Learning Experience (MLE): convergent thinking, cultural deprivation, mediational deprivation, cognitive deficiencies, input level, elaboration level, output level.  85% of adults do not develop high-level reasoning due to slavery, conscription, etc. as a child: MLE Deprivation  Greenspan and Stanley o "FLOOR TIME", Stage Theory & Teratology, homeostasis, attachment, somato- psychological, behavioral differentiation, representational capacity. o Greenspan blamed parents for being "refrigerator moms" o Bettleheim blamed parents for causing children to have schizophrenia.  Input differences: blurred & sweeping perception, receptive language, comparing absent, narrow field of attention, lack of space and time, imprecision.  Elaboration Deficit: lack of conservation, lack of perspective taking, lack of summative, lack of virtual realms, can't see the problem, can't decenter/categorize, episodic grasp of reality.  Output deficiencies: egocentric behavior, impulsivity, lack of visual transport (being 'the book'), probabilistic responding, lack of accuracy respond, lack of trial and error, lack of vocabulary express.  Transitional object.. ..Cognitive October 26, 2012 Lecture: Standardized Academic Testing: Reading, Writing, Math, Demonstrations and Critiques  Cultural Deprivation o Feuerstein and Aboriginal Natives o Left-brain/Right-brain: dyslexia (right brain lit up, left brain silent) o David Gamlin: how children use toys to learn; imagination to potential o Vygotsky: teach from the beginning of the zone of learning.  Academic Assessment and Teaching ("The 3 R'S": Reading, Writing, Arithmetic), Papert (why should people be afraid to challenge this task such as Math land), Piaget ("Inclusions" and "Decentering"), Vygotsky ("zone concrete to abstract"), Gamlin (generalization), Feuerstein (transcendence), lexias of learning disabilities, Convergent and divergent thinking, direct instruction is against holism (many teachers are against direct instruction)  History: Backlashes (reductionism), Flesch 1955 ("Why Johnny.."), Head Start (1960s "3R's"), Engelmann (1960s "D.I."), Weikart (1960s "High Scope"), Radwanski (1980s "Back to Basics" testing), SAT Testing in the USA (Statewide Tests) November 9, 2012 Lecture: Behavioral / Counseling Techniques  Brief Therapy : Roles, Pattern Interruption, Frames, Narratives o Dodo Bird Effect: All therapies work, they are equally effective. Everybody wins. o Cognitive Therapy (CT) vs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  Roles: Freudian (Parental, Adult, Child) T/A modes of social behavior. o Transactional Analysis, Berne E. "Games & Ego States", Harris T. A. "I'M OK", Freed. A. and Freed M. "T/A", Parent, Adult, Child  Pattern Interruption (Behavioral Modification) : Skinner B.F. ("B. Mod."), Lovaas ("IBI"), Volpe ("Systematic Desensitization & Exposure"), Erickson ("Hypnotic Suggestion & Reverse Psychology"), Frankl ("Paradoxical Intent")  Looking at the problem in a more positive way: a "challenge" instead of "problem" o Walter and Peller ("Reframining"), C.T. ("Cognitive Restructuring"), Christensen and Pass ("Reattributions"), White ("Reauthoring Lives"), Frankl ("Meaning")  Narrative / Story: Roles, Pattern, Frames = logic is the way to mental health. o White, M., Externalizing Conversations, Thickening Plot Lines, Landscapes of Action and Place, Marginalizing vs. Inclusion, Documentation and Celebration.  Fromm, E.: Advanced societies losing their rationality and logic. Frankl, V.: There is evil, but people choose.   Feuerstein (Me
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