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York University
Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 2200
Khashayar Hooshiyar

Canadian Constitutional Amendment and Interpretation  In Canada, there are 5 amending formulas for the constitution: - Unanimity formula: unanimous federal and provincial consent (applies to the following 1) if you want to make any changes to the parliament 2) right of a province to have a say for more member in the house of commons 3)use of English or French language 4) composition of the supreme court of Canada 5) make any changes to the list mentioned in the above goes to first amending formula) - General amending formula (seven-fifty) (applies to other matters that affect both federal and provincial ) to approve amendment need to have ¾ legislators making up the representation of 50% of population . The areas that don’t have opt out options are 1) principle of proportion depresentation of population 2) powers of the senate and the method of selecting senates 3) The number of members by which the province is entitled to be represented in the senate and the residence qualifications of senators 4) any changes to the supreme court of Canada other than its composition 5) If you want to establish a new province - “some but not all” (eg. Language within province, denominational school rights, change in prov.borders) applies only to constitutional amendments that affect federal government and some provinces, but not all provinces . Examples are changes to the use English or
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