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March 6

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1012

March 6, 2014: THE CONCEPT OF TIME - If time finds its meaning in eternity, then it must be understood starting from eternity. - Theology is concerned with human existence, as being before God. It is concerned with the temporal Being of such existence in its relation to eternity. - God himself needs no theology, his existence is not grounded through faith - (Einstein) Space is nothing in itself, there is no absolute space. It exists merely by way of the bodies and energies contained in it - (Aristotle) Time too is nothing. It persists merely as a consequence of the events taking place in it. There is no absolute time and no absolute simultaneity either. - Time is that within which events take place - Since time itself is not movement, it must have something to do with movement - Measuring indicates the how-long and the when, the from-when-till-when. A clock shows the time. Change is in time. Each period has an identical temporal duration. The way in which the stretch of this duration is divided up is arbitrary. - Time is consti
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