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SOSC 1341 Final Exam Notes (2010-2011)

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Social Science
SOSC 1341
Darryl Reed

SOSC 1341 Final Exam Notes Exam is out of 20 Points1 Matching Questions 18 of 36 terms is on the exam 6 Points 13 Points for Each Term ICAInternational Cooperative Association Distinguishes cooperatives from other social economies forprofit economies and welfare states memberbased federation of cooperatives Worker CooperativesEmploymentbased membership challenges existing work and business models by providing employment InnovationChallenging conventional capitalism and models of the market GlobalizationNeoliberalismIncreased Freedom to market belief that market should run social services Caja LaboralKey institution of Mondragon Credit Union Social CapitalBuilding trust without the need of legallybinding contracts through connections among individuals social networks which norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness arise in place Social EnterpriseCharacteristics include a social purpose innovation enterprises and market orientation NichollasCho 2005 financial and social goals whose profits are returned to business or to a social purpose GuyHeneberry EvangelineCanadian Credit Union based in Prince Edward Island Depleted CommunitiesCommunity suffering from economic decline which inhabitants have strong attachment towards to LionaisJohnstone Combines good business practices with community goals Social WageWorkfare community service any unpaid community service activity under the direction of communities or public or nonprofit organizations Rifkin Shadow WageTax credits for volunteering Rifkin This is an estimate of the economic price of labor Placebased BusinessCommunitybased organization Using place to develop innovation Addresses social exclusion lack of acceptance and recognition by rooting economic activity in a location by making local labour serve local market focus not on profit CarefareLevy creating more jobs by reducing working hours without reducing pay making room for recreational activities ArizmendiariettaFounder of the Mondragon Cooperative movement CommodificationPutting everything through the market for profit service providers entail more fees shifts to user DeCommodificationRemoving the market from the process to produce social good privatization NeoliberalIdeological policies aiming towards the freedom of markets from the state State should promote private sector and propertyreward initiative Political EconomyFusion of economic and political theory into one single social theory Horvat PowerPolitics HegemonyDominationPower relations Political Economy Consumers support the market but the market does not support consumers in return NeoClassical EconomiesEmphasis on exchange and scarcity Consumer Sovereignty consumers decide what to be produced Pareto Optimality NeoConservativeIdeological policies aiming towards the increased state control over market Le ChantierSustainable development in Quebec Social Economy Green Citizenship the builder is a coalition of social economy actors in Quebec
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