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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

Gender and Law Terms Act for the Gradual Civilization of the Indian Tribes 1857Problematic restricted aboriginal land use customs religious practices and other ceremonies Begin a long process of segregation an paternalism Aim to encourage civilizationEnfranchisement to make them like other Canadians and making them citizens Male aboriginals including metis over 21 with the right to Canadian citizenship and right to vote along with some land to farm Enfranchisement came with a loss of status and had to prove that he was civilized Needed to prove that they could read and write change last name and prove that they were of sound moral character White man William Dowsett white illiterate given aboriginal land because he was from England white and fought against AmericaAssisted Human Reproduction Act AHRA Concern is being expressed over the idea that parents may choose to have a child witha disability for example deaf parents choosing to have a child that is also deafAssisted Human Reproduction laws carry the notion that certain lives are not worth living may make it impossible to choose to have a child with a disabilityAHR regulation being developed in numerous countries has a rapid and uniformly negative response to the possibility of selecting an embryo with a disabilityIs it possible for society to include people with disabilities as fully equal and participating citizens while simultaneously preventing the selection of embryos that carry the possibility of disabilityReproductive choice for women problematized from the perspective of women with disabilities decides which kind of children welcome in societyKomagata Maru Related to the ExclusionActspolicy of Continuous Journey Stipulation 1908 set by the Canadian government to control and limit the immigration of people from India The policy stated that those who emigrate from India must come from a continuous journey without stopping if they wish to land on Canadian soilThis was extremely difficult as the journey was very long and it hard to provide a sufficient amount of fuel and food for that longIn 1914 Gurdit Singh brought a ship called the Komagata Maru to Canada from Hong Kong it consisted of economic migrants who did not like their living conditions back in India
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