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January 24: Our Dinner Tables, Our Health: Transnational Agribusiness Detailed organized lecture notes. Includes some notes on the movie. Useful for final exam.

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

January 24 Our Dinner Tables Our Health Transnational Agribusiness Lecture IFood Production and Healthobesity not the only issue surrounding food consumption that needs to be examined How is food produced Soldgrowth of Agrobusiness and transnational cobetter food better healthIITransformations in FarmingMonocrop farminglarge fields of single type crops year after year instead of rotating grops Rotations would prevent rapid depletion of the soil and reduce need for fertilizers etc no rotation or segmentation of cropsanimals started post WWII bc growing population and urbanizations At the same time growing demands for fastfood industry and growth of chemical industries post WWII pesticides fertilizers Food is made cheaper GMOlike antibiotics for foodAgroIndustrial Complex AIC and Transnational Corporations TNC AIC refers to the rise and dominance of Transnational Corporations in agricultural sector horizontal integrationbuying up small
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