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Social Science
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SOSC 2350
Tanja Juric

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LOCKE - Natural Law - Rule of law-liberalism - Good law - Preserve, harm - Free to pursue our vision of good - Inherently rational - Separation between Powers (Legislative, Executive) - Independent judiciary/judicial review - Govt should serve - Please its citizens by separating the powers, limited delegation of power, limited purposes, less interference - Separation can use as a tool to direct in desired direction - Revoke them if failed to so - The majority establishes legislation-property owners/high class - Only beneficial for some, idea of equality was incompatible with civil society because it led to the protection of industrious people only - Lazy-non property owners (no rights). Hard working-property owners - Liberal society-property holders who made decisions and consents for all equally MARX - Conflict theorist - Consensus, expression - Class struggle, division - Law as a tool to oppress-bourgeoisie, proletariat - Historical materialism, dialect materliasm, needs for materials, history class struggles - Capitalism was the main prob-didn’t believe private ownership - Society needs-revolt- - Oppress-bourgeoisie -
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