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The City in History: Reading Guide Court, Parade, and Capital Chapter 13 #14-25

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The City in History Reading Guide Court Parade and Capital Chapter 13 142514 What does the termlaissez fairemeanWhat is its importanceThe original sponsorship gave town planning itself an association with arbitrary power that partly accounts perhaps for the democratic distrust of the whole planning process during the nineteenth century the doctrine of laissez faire meant not only freedom from guild regulation and monopoly but likewise freedom from central regulation and control of any kind including that of the town planner The methods of town planning itself as practiced by highhanded agents of the prince were responsible for not a little of this antagonism p38715 What urban planning innovation did Leonardo da Vinci proposeWere his ideas acted uponThe most original suggestions in planning those for separating traffic streets from pedestrian ways and decentralizing overgrown cities into smaller units of 30000 people likewise came from a genius who also practiced military engineering Leonardo da Vinci Yes they were acted upon16 What was the role of the military engineer in the redesign of the Baroque cityWas the central plaza with radiating broad avenues merely a design preference of the Baroque city planner or did it have a real functional purposeThe bias of the military engineer was visible in both plans and the methods One that sought to clear the ground of human households shops neighborhoods churches treasured memorials the basis of a whole tissue of habits and social relations so as to make a clean beginning
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