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Mayer v J Conrad Lavigne

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Social Science
SOSC 3380
Paul Craven

Mayer v J Conrad Lavigne 1. Who are the parties? a. Appellant – J Conrad Lavigne (Defendant) b. Respondent – Mayer (plaintiff) 2. What forum? a. Ontario Court of Appleal 3. What is the issue between the parties? How does it arise? a. If the Respondent / plaintiff was employee or private contractor i. If employee, he is entitled to vacation pay, $2600 (if trial decision upheld, appellant does not dispute the amount) ii. A $500 award for the use of the TV station of the salesperson’s name, face and previous efforts in securing contracts for two commercials, which ran for 8 months. Originally Respondent asked for $100 per commercial per month, total $1600, only awarded $500 in trial court 1. Appellant paid $100 per commercial before respondant left, appellant claimed it wa
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