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Social Science
SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

Broken windows is a reference of comparison to explain the cause of crime occurring. Just as a broken window left untended is a sign that nobody cares and leads to more and severe property damage, so disorderly conditions and behaviors left untended send a signal that nobody cares and results in citizen fear of crime, serious crime, and the downwards spiral of urban decay. The implications of this point of view are that minor offenses have serious consequences for the life of the neighborhoods and communities leading citizens, city officials, and police to ignore the root causes. It believes in the criminology of the other as criminals and crime is seen as external, outsiders and predatory that needs to be eliminated by force. Policy implications based on the broken windows theory tries to move the police away the police from the CJS and more into active front line aggressive role and tries to manage crime through order maintenance. This model believes that waiting until serious crimes occur to intervene is too late and dealing with disorderly behavior early will prevent the cycle from accelerating and perpetuating itsel
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