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Chapter 8 Summary: Compass textbook Cdn 3rd Edition. All these chapters cover the concepts of what was on the midterm

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SOCI 1010
Timothy Mc Cauley

1 Chapter 8 Social Stratification Canadian and Global Perspectives Patterns of Social Inequality Economic Inequality in CanadaIncome inequalityHuman capital sum of useful skills and knowledge that an individual possessesHuman capital theory stresses the increasing centrality of education as a factor of economic successSocial Capital networks or connections that individuals possessindividuals are more likely to succeed if they have strong bonds of trust cooperation mutual respect and obligation with well positioned individuals or familiesCultural capital stock of learning and skills that increases the chance of securing a superior jobLow income cutoff Statistic Canadas term of the income threshold below which a family devotes a larger share of its income to the necessities of food shelter and clothing than an average family would likely resulting in straitened circumstancesMyths about the Poor 1 People are poor because they dont want to work 2 The overwhelming majority of poor people are immigra
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