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SOSC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: David Suzuki, Reformism, Our Common Future

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin
Study Guide

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Royal Proclamation
Created by Great Britain for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada by King
George III
Constitutional framework for the negotiation of Indian treaties with the
Aboriginal peoples of Canada, much like a Indian “Bill of Rights”
Documentary “James Bay: The Wind that Keeps on Blowing” (Up to 1991)
- Hydro Quebec decided to create hydroelectric system in northern Québec, what they deemed
to be a “wasteland”. There were two phases to this system, the first phase taking about 14
years to complete.
- Initially, the Cree people were ignored; however, they eventually received $130,000,000 as well
as exclusive rights in exchange for the land usage.
Ecological Problems
o As phase 1 had finished, the Cree people began to think they had been swindled, as no
one had discussed the environmental impact of these dam systems. These
consequences included destroying: fish spawning grounds, migrant geese patterns,
natural currents and ice formation, and others, all of which are interdependent with one
o Cree were soon forced out of their homes, as they soon found out that the fish they had
been eating were high in mercury causing many health problems among them.
Social Problems
o When forced to relocate, the Cree lost their cultural heritage and were forced to move
into modernity.
o Problems included alcoholism/drug use, hanging around malls, and poverty.
- Phase 2 began in the later 1980s, reversing seasonal waters. There were no known effects, yet
this was no reason to continue developing such a large scale project. As David Suzuki highlights,
how can we ever know for sure that the environment won’t be negatively affected?
James Bay Nowadays
Became national issue Cree sailed from Hudson’s bay to New York in a Canoe
1994 New York cancelled contract with Hydro Quebec.
1998 Less and less interest in James Bay by public
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