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Dasein and Time
Dasein is a German word which stands for “being there” and “being in there”.
Refering to the existence, Dasein is also the consciousness of the existence itself.
There are two “parts” that make a Dasein, an existing being and the consciousness
that that Being itself knows it is existing. What is different from these two parts of
Dasein? There are many kinds of existing beings in the world, even animals and
plants are also included but they themselves are not aware of their existence. A Being
and its consciousness of its presence itself is called Dasein. Heidegger refers more to
individual Dasein in The Concept of Time, something he called “My Being” or
“Mineness”. There are also many terms about Dasein, namely “Being in the world”
and “Being with one another”. From my interpretation, Being-in-the-world is the
individual Dasein as mentioned above and Being-with-one-another is the social
Dasein created when a Dasein is aware of another Dasein by reciprocal
communication. For instance, when we say, “I am speaking”, what is actually
speaking? My Dasein is. To another Dasein, I am speaking. By speaking, even talking
to myself, I know that I’m existing, or My Being is existing. If that other Dasein could
understand and respond, then we know that Being is existing, too. Therefore, I think,
a Dasein could recognize itself when it is asking itself what it is, like “Who am I?” or
when it is communicating with other Dasein. By the act of a Dasein concerning about
itself, it is the authentic mode of Dasein. By communicating or interacting with other
Daseins, including doing tasks for getting on with life in everydayness, it is the
inauthentic mode of Dasein. We usually think that the inauthenticity of Dasein is the
whole Dasein since we see it everyday but it is actually not enough. What we do in
everydayness is just what we need to do to survive and is governed by what tradition
says about the common sense of human life. We do it, because to what extent,
everybody does it. What is more about Dasein is when we think and decide to do it. In
other words, in one action, we could see both the authenticity and inauthenticity of
Dasein as they exist within each other. For example, by the act of eating, it is
inauthenticity because we need to eat for survival. Also, we do not eat everything we
could find, but we choose what to eat for some specific reasons, and we express our
feelings toward the food whether we like it or not… Thus, we could say that the
inauthenticity of Dasein is the condition for the authenticity of Dasein and the
authenticity of Dasein is what differentiates between Daseins.
In the book “The Concept of Time”, Heidegger argued that “Time is Dasein”
which I would question what he meant by this point. From my interpretation, I would
say, Time is somehow the same as Dasein or Dasein is a metaphor to understand
Time. The notion of Dasein and the concept of Time should be put together because
Time cannot give the meaning of Time itself but by Dasein. To define Time, we
usually need two points of time, one is the real time and one is the ‘unreal time. The
real time is what we call present and the unreal (point of) time is what happened in the
past or what will happen in the future. All these terms are just temporary since one
second passed by, the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present.
The movement of the past, the present and the future makes me think Time is what
changing or moving. Anything moving or changing, a clock clicking, a song playing,
a man being old… could define Time in its action itself. What Heidegger thought
about Time, or “Time is Dasein”, we could interpret that Time is within or behind
Dasein. By other words, the start point of Time is when Dasein starts being aware of
its existence and by the same token, Time ends when Dasein reaches the Death.
Before and after Dasein, Time is nothing.
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