SOSC 2150 Study Guide - Critical Race Theory, Michel Foucault

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Document Summary

Methodological approach that crosses all boundaries between academic. Uses methods and insights of several established disciplines. Synthesizes perspectives, knowledge, epistemiology (investigates origin, nature, methods and limits of human knowledge) Merges info from all social backgrounds (multidisciplinary-single disciplines minded) Strong emphasis is based on understanding health as a social-cultural phenomena (not solely biology based) produced by a wide range of factors. Race, ethnicity, gender, geographical, regional factors, dominant cultural factors. Health is a product of a broad range of factors economical, social, political, ecological, cultural. Cultural meanings associated with illness, disease and disability. How do we view their subjective experience and health. Theory: explanation of observable phenomena, analytic tool for understanding and explaining a particular subject matter, scientific presents evidence and logically argues, critical perspective or theory. The perspective the author writes in, their personal bias. Critically think, an educated guess, process by which research/writers integrate the question why.