SOSC 2150 Final: Health Exam Essay(layout) Notes

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Discuss the implications of neoliberalism for health from the perspective of the social gradient theory. Be sure to explain the concept of the social gradient in health status in your answer. Coburn, d. beyond the income inequality hypothesis: class, neo-liberalism, and health inequalities. social science & medicine v. 58 no. Travers, k. d. the social organization of nutritional inequities. social science. Social determinates of health: economic and social conditions under which people live which determine their health. Social gradient theory: reflects individual"s position in society such as their access to resources (education, employment, housing) Report that relates to this is by whitehall and wilkinson = connection of socio and economic status through health in terms of (life expectancy, morbidity patterns, disability) Neo liberalism: political-economic theory that has a set of economic polices that favours (ruling of market, privatization, cut pubic expenditure, deregulating) Income inequality (poor less food/ rich more food resurces) Rich to be richer and poor to stay poor.

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