SOSC 2150 Midterm: SOSC 2150 Mid-Term Review

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5 Dec 2013

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Sosc 2150 9. 0 health in crisis: issues of health, Two of the following three questions will be on the mid-term test. Students will be required to answer both of the questions that appear on the test. Each question will be weighted equally: discuss the implications of neoliberalism for health from the perspective of the social gradient theory. Be sure to explain the concept of the social gradient in health status in your answer. Lecture (nov/4): social gradient theory: whitehall study (marmot) 1980s health declines each. 1970s but now its high: ***warren buffet speech in tax laws, wealth is health. Beyond the income inequality hypothesis: class, neo-liberalism, and health inequalities david coburn: this paper describes and critiques the income inequality approach to health inequalities. Lecture (nov 11): aboriginal health status: infant mortality 2-4 times higher than non-aboriginal population, youth suicide 5-7 times higher (inuit 11 times higher) higher rates chronic diseases and infectious diseases.

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