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ANATOMY EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE – HEAD & NECK CRANIAL NERVES CN Name Origin Foramen Fibers Branches Functions I Olfactory CNS ectoderm Cribiform plate Sensory Transmit olfaction to brain (ethmoid bone) SA II Optic Diencephalon Optic canal Sensory Transmit visual info to brain SA Motor GSE – motor innervation to all III Oculomotor Mesencephalon Superior orbital GSE but 2 extraocular muscles fissure GVE GVE – pregang parasymp fibers to ciliary ganglion cells IV Trochlear Metencephalon Superior orbital Motor Motor innerv to superior oblique or mes? fissure GSE extraocular muscle V1– Superior GSA – extero and proprioceptive orbital fissure Both V1– ophthalmic sensory nerve of face and anterior V Trigeminal Metencephalon V2– foramen GSA V 2 maxillary head (Great somatic sensory rotundum SVE V3– mandibular nerve) V3– foramen GVE SVE – motor innerv to striated ovale muscles of mastication VI Abducens Metencephalon Superior orbital Motor Motor innerv to lateral rectus fissure GSE extraocular muscle SVE – striated muscles that originated from branchial arch 2 for facial expression GVE – pregang parasymp fibers to pterygopalatine and Both submandibular ganglia cells Internal SVE Temporal SA – taste buds of palate and VII Facial Metencephalon acoustic meatus GVE Zygomatic anterior tongue (for all SA Buccal GSA – exteroceptive sensation branches) GSA Mandibular from skin behind ear, in floor of GVA Cervical external auditory meatus, outer surface of eardrum GVA – interoceptive from nasal cavity mucosa, oral cavity and palate; glands controlled by pterygopalatine and submandibular glands Internal Sensory From sensory hair cells of VIII Vestibulocochlear Metencephalon acoustic meatus SA vestibular labyrinth for balance and hearing GVA – from posterior tongue (glossus) and pharynx, auditory/Eustachian tube, middle ear, inner eardrum surface Both GVE – pregang parasymp fibers GVA innervating otic ganglia IX Glossopharyngeal Myencephalon Jugular foramen GVE SA – fibers from taste buds of SA vallate papillae and posterior SVE tongue GSA SVE – stylopharyngeus striated rd muscle of 3 branchial arch GSA – exteroceptive sensation from same skin patch supplied by facial nerve Both GVE – pregang in parasymp X Vagus Myencephalon Jugular foramen GVE motor path to glands of epiglottis GVA and to cervical, thoracic, ab 1 SVE viscera SA GVA – interoceptive info carried GSA as afferent limb of visceral reflexes (poor sensation of pain, temp, touch, pressure in larynx and upper esoph lining) SVE – motor innerv to striated muscle of palate, larynx, pharynx, upper esoph; from 4 and 6th branchial arches SA – from taste buds at base of tongue, around epiglottis, in upper larynx GSA – exteroceptive fibers from skin patch supplied by facial and glossopharyngeal and proprioceptive fibers from laryngeal muscles Cranial and spinal roots that converge at jugular foramen and Motor diverge outside of skull; cranial XI Accessory Cervical spine Jugular foramen SVE nerve becomes accessory of vagus and spinal root supplies motor fibers to trapezius and sternocleidomastoid GSE – intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles (excl. palatoglossus which gets SVE from CN X and XI); goes to Motor glossus from below XII Hypoglossal Myencephalon Hypoglossal GSE GSA (and GSE) – supply GSA geniohyoid and thyrohyoid muscles C1 fiber – leaves hypglossal as uperior limb of ansa cervicalis and enters infrahyoid in anterior triangle 2 MUSCLES (53) Grouping Muscle Action Innervation Vasculature Presses cheek against molar Buccinator teeth Buccal branch of CN VII Facial a. Resists detention Supraorbital a. Supratrochlear a. Orbicularis oculi Closing eyelids (squinting) Infraorbital a. Angular branch of facial a. Inferior labial Depressor labii inferioris Depresses lower lip branch of facial a. Mental a. Draws angle of mouth Transverse facial Zygomaticus major backward and upward (smile) a. Facial nerve (CN VII) Facial a. Face (9) Transverse facial Zygomaticus minor Elevates upper lip a. Facial a. Superior & inferior labial Orbicularis oris Closes lips; kissing muscle branches of facial a. Mental a. Infraorbital a. Elevates upper lip Infraorbital a. Levator labii superioris Dilates nares (disgust) Superior labial branch of facial a. Inferior labial Depressor anguli oris Depresses angle of mouth branch of facial a. Mental a. Elevates angle of mouth Infraorbital a. Levator anguli oris medially (disgust) Superior labial branch of facial a. Elevates hyoid and floor of Anterior belly – Anterior belly – Neck (1) Digastric mouth mylohyoid n. of V (3N submental a. Depresses mandible V) Posterior belly – Posterior belly – facial n. occipital a. Platysma Tenses skin of inferior face Facial nerve Facial a. Depresses jaw Neck (3) Thoracoacromial Posterior Triangle Subclavius Depresses clavicle N. to subclavius a.-clavicular branch Omohyoid Transverse cervical a. Sternohyoid Depresses/stabilizes hyoid bone Superior thyroid a. Neck (4) Sternothyroid Ansa cervicalis Muscular Triangle Superior belly of Transverse Infrahyoid muscles omohyoid cervical a. Thyrohyoid Elevates larynx Superior thyroid a. Depresses/stabilizes hyoid bone Draws thyroid cartilage External branch of Cricothyroid Neck (2) Cricothyroid forward, lengthening vocal superior laryngeal n. branch of superior Carotid Triangle ligaments (branch of vagus n.) thyroid a. Thyrohyoid (also in See above See above See above muscular triangle) Neck (3) Digastric (ant and post See above See above See above 3 Submandibular bellies) (digastric) Mylohyoid Elevates hyoid bone and t
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