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Parasite Table Exam 3 (Nematodes Part 2).docx

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BIOL 2000

Parasite Nematodes Type Blood (microfilaria = prelarvae), usually in blood/tissue Species Onchocerca volvulus Brugia malayi Wuchereria bancrofti Transmission Blackflies (larvae live in fast flowing oxygen rich water) Mosquito Mosquito -L1 in pool of blood in wound taken up, L3 can leave fly and go into wound Life Stage 1)Adult worms (macrofilaria) living in nodules under skin -L1 larvae swept into bloodstream and circulate, remain infective for several months of human host -diurnal rhythm, found in blood during night (increase chance to take up by vector?) 2) female releases microfilaria (L1) which migrate through -L1 (MF) taken up by mosquito and leave sheath in midgut, and migrate to flight muscle where they cutis molt twice 3) blackflies take up L1 through blood meal -L3 migrate through hemolymph until find labium, which penetrate when sense feeding and move into 4) worms develop to infectious L3 in fly thorax muscle wound Unique -unsheated -sheated -sheated -females produce L1 larvae still in egg membrane (sheath) Diseases Onchoceriacis (River Blindess) (subcutaneous tissue) Lymphatic Filariasis (lymphatics) Lymphatic Filariasis (lymphatics) -infection occur in proximity to fast moving water Symptoms -adult worms form nodules in cutis enclosed by host w/ -severe elephantiasis of legs, scrotum, arms (tends to effect arms) fibrotic gr
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