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COMPLETE Modern History II Notes: Part 12 -- got 92% in the course!

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HIST 1082
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Enlightenment Ideology and Social Inequality 11/30/12 • Systems of global trade expanding o Spain and Portugal leading in 1600s  England, Netherlands, and France started expanding in 1700s • Acquiring land in North and South America o Challenging Spanish control of islands of the Caribbean • England occupied nominally Spanish island of Barbados o Seized Jamaica from Spanish 1665 • France did the same and founded the island of Saint-Domingue (Haiti) • By mid-17 century, spain was in economic collapse o Inflation of silver o Major cause was warfare  Funding wars in Europe  Worst of all these wars was Thirty Years War (1618-1648) • Combined emotions of wars of religion with volatile politics of roman empire and Chinese states o Last of the European wars of religion • Had far reaching consequences for development of warfare, power balance in Europe, and contributing factor to the enlightenment • Triggering event of 30 years war = Defenestration of Prague o Someone got thrown out of window at Prague o Opening incedent in revolt of Bohemia (Czech republic) against holy roman empire  Bohemia was under rule of roman empire • People were Protestants but king named an ultra-catholic as heir to his thrown o Protestants seized 2 catholic administrators and threw them out of palace where they were meeting  Administrators seemed to survive o Local act of revolt started war that sucked in powerful countries and spawned new wars on the side  Sweden and Denmark = Protestant and drew Spain into war because they supported Catholics • Spanish involvement meant that Dutch got sucked into conflict o Also fighting in Asia and Brazil o Massive, long, multi-sided conflict that was totally devastating for most parts of Europe  More devastating than WWII  larger percentage of population affected • 8 million people died and most of them were civilians o Many countries broke down in the strain of the fighting • Cost of 30 Years war was unprecedented o Considered first modern war  Typically fought between small armies commanded and staffed by aristocratic knights • Focused on sieges rather than open battles  30 years war inaugurated era of vast armies armed with guns facing off in battlefields and invading/moving/living within civilian towns o Firearm technology starting to become viable o Armies staffed with mercenaries  Warriors who fought for profit • European military infrastructure could not support these armies o Couldn’t always pay armies, leading soldiers to plunder towns • War finally ended because Europe lost its ability to fight o Peach of Westphalia  Granted Netherlands independence from Spain  Rulers maintain right to declare official religion of their territories • Religious minorities allowed to worship quietly in how they wanted to worship o Grudgingly cohabited • Far reaching ramafications = gradual emergence of new ideas of religious tolerance o 30 years war weakened spain and Portugal on world stage  Maintained majority of previous empires but no longer had the money to protect • England, Netherlands, and france who began to encroach as their land and who were leading European powers • Mercantilism = held that the world’s total possible wealth was fixed o Entirety of world’s wealth was like a pie with no refills  Each European state wanted biggest piece of pie • No European states at all cared if other states got fair share of pie o To axquire larger share of global wealth was colonies and trade  Mother countries only would benefit from their colonies, no other countries • Controlled trade through chartered companies o Government owned and backed  Hudson’s Bay compay controlled trade around English colonies to compete with French fur trading system
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