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PHIL 1090
Pheme Perkins

Perspectives on Western Culture December 3, 2010 Notes: Al-Ghazali •A member of sufi Islam, which is very much focused on religious experience (dancing, whirling dervishes) •Part of the sufi tradition to question the way the heart of the believer gets transformed and can come to have moments of intense reality of God 痴 presence •ULTIMATE GOAL: EXPERIENCE GOD •Why do you need religious practice if your goal is to experience God? What is there about it that is different than just thinking? If you don 痴 practice, don 痴 have some experience of God/ religion, you don 痴 have a foundation. You need the more tangible, in order to connect to God on the basest level (the rote practices in the least) •Unlike the theoretical believers, the ordinary believers may not know as much as the theorists, but that is only a sort of level one for Ghazali. On the other side are the theorists, the philosophical believers. Ghazali wants to both defend a higher form of experience than the average muslim has and yet to defend the need to remain a practicing muslim, that you can 痴 just substitute intellectual learning for practice. •God as •The Source of everything (in a very strong sense of source) •?For the humans, virtue of faith or trust •Admits on page 4, it is difficult to get straight this kind of faith in the divine unity. Use the word veil/ (verb) veiling for things being hidden. 痴emoving a veil.Something is obscured. •It is not as though practice will get you there without some intelligence. Defending a sort of theology that goes beyond the simplest apology (of defending the faith against non-belivers). The hidden-ness of the reality of the divine is such that you won 痴 get there without the mediation of the scholars. He has a particular scholar in mind: 痴 cholars who adorn their eyes with the God most high” the truth about God depends on
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