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PHIL 4406

Midterm Questions Aquinas - Why does Aquinas write the Summa Theologica? (What was the main intellectual challenge of his time?) - Explain why do we need, besides philosophy, another ‘science’ about God? Can we have different sciences about the same object? - Aquinas claims that the sacred doctrine is a science. Explain why he means with this claim. Compare the sacred science to other sciences. What does it make difference? (Make sure that you are familiar with Aquinas’ replies to Objections) - What does Aquinas mean when he claims that a word in Holy Scripture may have several meanings/senses? List and explain them. Why is the literal interpretation of the Bible not acceptable? - Explain Aquinas’ argument about the self-evidence of God’s existence. - How can be demonstrated that God exists? - How does Aquinas prove the existence of God (five ways)? // you can find an interpretation of Aquinas’s five ways on Blackboard// René Descartes - Why does Descartes write ‘Meditation of first Philosophy’? Explain the main issues of the book. What kinds of questions is Descartes trying to answer in his book? - At the end of Meditation I, he says: ‘I will suppose not a supremely good God, the source of truth, but rather an evil genius, supremely powerful and clever, who has directed his entire effort at deceiving me’. How does he come to this conclusion? Explain his vision of reali
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