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MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE Nazi Seizure of PowerGovernance: Reichstag Fire Feb 27, 1933; parliament building, Nazis blamed the Dutch communists, Nazis used as evidence that communists were plotting against German govt. Emergency Fire Decree after the parliament fire, Hitler persuaded Pres Hindenburg to pass emergency decree to suspend civil liberties and purse a ruthless confrontation with Communist Party led to mass arrests of communists, including parliamentary delegates Nazis became majority party Enabling Act March 24, 1933; gave Hitler the power to enact laws without involving the parliament, enabling act + emergency fire decree = legal dictatorship Dachau March 1933; first concentration camp by Himmler, initially intended to hold political prisoners Gleichschaltung process of Nazification of every single public agency Night of the Long Knives June 30July 2, 1934; series of executions (of SAbrownshirts) intended to consolidate Hitlers absolute hold on power Vatican Nazi Concordat Treaty July 20, 1933; ensures Catholic Church doesnt raise opposition to anything Anschluss March 1938; annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany German speaking part of Austria one people, one Reich, on fuhrer not just political unification but a racial one one blood, one Reich Sudetenland northern, southern, and western areas of Czechoslovakia which were inhabited primarily by ethnic German speakers 1938 Sudeten Crisis Nazi Germany demand Sudetenland be annexed to Germany (victory Sept. 30, 1938 with Munich Agreement) LawsAction Against Jews in Prewar Nazi Germany: First Boycott April 1, 1933; intent of Nazis to undermine viability of Jews in Germany, statemanaged campaign of harassment, arrests, systematic pillaging, forced transfer of ownership to Nazi Party activists, and ultimately murder of owners defined as Jews Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service April 7, 1933; all civil servants were to be Aryan, term nonAryan become a legal category, thousands of Jews thrown out of work Nuremberg Laws Sept. 15, 1935; antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany Reich Flag Law Jews not allowed to raise Nazi flag swastika flag becomes official flag or germany Reich Citizenship Law only Germans of of related blood were eligible to be Reich citizens Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor no intermarriageextramarital intercoursecant employ Aryan women under age 45 Rassenschande racial shamedefilementpollution, concept in Nazi German ideology pertaining to sexual relations between Aryans and nonAryans Mischling mixed blood, German legal term for someone with both Aryan and Jewish ancestry 1
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