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BI108 Lecture Notes-Exam 1 (Chapters 1-6).docx

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Boston University
CAS BI 108
Francis Monette

Lecture Notes: 1/27 Lipids and Proteins (Chapter 3 and 4) • Which glycosidic linkage joins monosaccharides in glycogen: alpha 14 • “D” Glucose is a stereo isomer of glucose • Sucrose is a disaccharide • What distinguishes “saturated” from “unsaturated” fatty acids? Number of electron pairs shared between carbons • Phospholipids: 2 fatty acids, glycerol (3 carbon alcohol), phosphate group, functional group • Biological usefulness of phospholipids: generation of hydrophobic environment/barrier between two aqueous environments (CELL MEMBRANES) • True lipids (polymer); fats = triglyceride *only polymer o Glycerol + 3 fatty acid molecules; ester linkage • Lipids: o Phospholipids: cell membrane o Triglycerides (fats and oils) energy storage o Carotenoids: pigments, some vitamins; OH- group at end o Steroids: cholesterol—hydrophobic, OH- group at end Lecture: 1/29 Lipids and Proteins Continued... • How to join amino acids together to generate peptides? Via condensationPeptide Bonds • R groups have nothing to do with condensation reactions • N terminus: NH a3d C Terminus: COO - • 4 peptide bond atoms; resonance—electron sharing • Major Concept: the sequence of amino acids in chain determines the structure and function of the protein o Amino acid is ordered genetically • PRO
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