CGS HU 201 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Consequentialism

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Utilitarianism: when we let people decide for themselves as much as possible and in ways that will increase the general happiness. But the individual must be able to decide as much as they can themselves what that happiness it. Encouraged people to monitor a general education and actions the object of morality is the promotion of the greatest happiness of the maximum number of members of society. General laws or universal principles must be derived from empirical facts. Evaluated by hedonistic calculus in terms of intensity, duration, and extent. Psychological hedonism: the sole motive of an action is an individual"s desire for happiness/balance of pleasure+pain, descriptive doctrine bc it on account of the actual motive of behavior. Sanctions: inducements to action that give binding force to moral rules. requirement forbidding you to do something or approving/affirming an action. A feeling in our own mind, a pain, more or less intense.

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