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CAS NE 202 Midterm: NE 202 Midterm #2 Study Guide

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CAS NE 202
David Somers

ATTENTION Endogenous vs Exogenous Attention o Endogenous Attention (voluntary) Conscious direct attention to a particular aspect of the environment such as to a specific voice or to a particular location in visual space Ability to voluntarily direct attention depending on ones goals, expectation, and or knowledge Directed by MIND not stimuli Directed attention network o Exogenous Attention (reflexive) Numerous stimuli arising from events or conditions in our everyday environment attract attention automatically Called reflexive attention MORE OFTEN that stimuli arising from the environment attract our attention involuntarily Loud noise, flash of light, quick movement tend to trump whatever we happen to be doing in the moment Comes from outside of the mind Stimulus driven orienting system Dorsal and Ventral Attentional Control systems o Dorsal Stream: attentional control direction attention Intraparietal sulcus and FEF FEF for planning attention direction Superior parietal lobule Endogenous attentional control o Ventral Stream: novelty and reorienting Exogenous attention and reorienting Relevant for some evolutionary purpose
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