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BSC 1085C Study Guide - Final Guide: Contracture, Biceps, Deltoid LigamentExam

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BSC 1085C
Study Guide

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Anatomy Review - ELBOW
1. Pronation and supination takes place at the elbow joint
a. T
b. F
2. The longitudinal axes of the humerus and forearm form an angle called
A: Carrying angle
3. This structure attaches anteriorly and posteriorly to the radial notch of the ulna and encompasses
the head of radius and holding it against the ulna
a. Lateral collateral ligament
b. Deltoid ligament
c. Annular ligament
d. Spring ligament
e. Medial collateral ligament
4. This elbow flexor originates at the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus
a. Brachioradialis
b. Biceps
c. Brachialis
d. Corocobrachialis
e. Triceps
5. When doing isolated manual muscle strength testing, in order to test the strength of the brachialis,
the forearm must be placed in supination
a. True
b. False
6. This muscle originates at the lateral epicondyle of humerus and adjacent ulna and inserts on the
anterior proximal radius
a. Pronator quadratus
b. Pronator teres
c. Anconeus
d. Supinator
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