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MGF 1107 Lecture 1: Conceptual HW 1BExam

Mathematics - General and Fini
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MGF 1107
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Conceptual Homework 1B
1. State whether the entire statement is true or false, and explain why.
a) X is an even number or X is an odd number.
It is true because X can be either an even number like 2,4 etc or it can be an odd number like
1,3 etc.
b) X is an even number and X is an odd number.
It is false because X cannot be an odd and an even number at the same time,the possibilities are
2. The statement below contains a double or multiple negation. Analyze the statement, explaining
what it means.
It’s not impossible that she didn’t not go to class.
So by using 2 double negatives in the p sentence,the person was supposed to mean not not p,which
in the same words is the same as p.So if we remove both of the negatives the sentence would be ‘’It’s
impossible that she did go to class’’.It was used only because sometimes double negatives make the sentence
stronger in some kind of way,but in this sentence this isn’t the case,they just form a weak one.
3. Bill claims: The negation of "Class is exciting" is not "Class is boring". Explain his reasoning.
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