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Non-profit organizational communication: Staff Structures and Roles • Staffing considerations o The average association has fewer than 10 employees o Multi-tasking required/play well with others o Minimum staffing* needs include:  Clerical support  Membership records maintenance  Federal and state filings  Board and committee support  Regular communication with membership • Typical staff responsibilities o Executive o Finance and administration o Publications and communication o Meetings, conventions and trade shows (education/training) o Research and statistics/public policy o Government/regulatory relations o Database/technology o Membership recruitment and retention • Staffing options o Captive full-time employees o Captive part-time employees o Captive independent contractors o Freelancing independent contractors o Association management companies (AMCs) o Private specialty firms (e.g. ad agencies, pr firms, meeting planning firms, etc.) o Even the largest non-profits use a combination of staffing options • Outsourcing options o According to the ASAE, 68% of organizations outsource duties o Commonly outsourced duties:  Technology  Payroll  Publications  Training  Surveys and research  Legislative and legal representation • Association Management Companies (AMCs) o Extend staff to organizations that can’t afford captive staff o AMC creates the illusion of captive staff o All of the benefits of staff with none of the risks, especially for smaller groups o Secure staff with more experience and greater expertise than could be obtained through captive staff o Provides flexibility/limited engagements • Staffing concerns o Specialty staff usually more interested in specialty than association management o Employee can be more knowledgeable about specia
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