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Florida State University
COM 3930r

Volunteer Management Ways to recruit retain and utilize volunteers in non-profit organizations • Characteristics of the volunteer pool o For the most part, volunteers will come from the baby boomers (1946-1985) and generation x (1965-1985) populations o Baby boomers- 76 million people born during this period o As Americans got back to “normal” after world war II, this large population segment began a snowball growth process o Starting with child care through new schools and raising their own families, baby boomers greatly expanded the social structure o Two-income families, married later in life, kids later in life, higher rate of divorce, most educated generation  New concepts then formed, strains on time o Generation Xers much the same, but had technology (1980s) • Volunteer recruitment challenges o Due to circumstances noted previously, many baby boomers have young children at home o Many baby boomers are also supporting aging parents o Downsizing of middle management structures in America cause many baby boomers to be more concerned for the stability of their jobs o Global operations and foreign-owned US-based corporations must be educated on the role of non-profit organizations and many may be a hard sell o Fitness craze and other competitors for free time • Importance of volunteers o To get the job done  “what job, exactly?”/”does it really need to be done?”  Volunteer versus staff job responsibility  Give more money instead of time  Refine roles: smaller job, shorter time, more meaningful role  Fall of standing committees/Rise of Ad-Hoc committees o To foster commitment  Volunteer: “the more they do, the more loyalty they feel.”  Active participation: NFIP example  “Golden Handcuff”: product/service not available from any other source to members e.g. insurance, research/statistical information) o To develop future leaders  Do organizations truly develop leaders?  Do leaders develop themselv
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