PSYC 251- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 36 pages long!)

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28 Mar 2018

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The how to instructions for your experiment. Describe exactly what you did in enough detail that someone else could copy you. Can omit minor details but include important ones. Did anyone fail to complete the study. Starts from when a participant is greeted. Provide a plain-english, easy-to-follow description of the results of your experiment (supported by statistics) Present results in the order that is most compelling and makes the most sense (given your introduction or hypotheses) Some discussion is okay but refrain from extended discussion or interpretation. Descriptive statistics: always provide central tendency and variability. Inferential statistics: the main statistic, degrees of freedom, variability, p-value, effect size. Remind readers of the conceptual hypotheses or questions you are asking. Remind readers of behaviors measured or operations performed. Provide the statistic that supports your plain english answer. Elaborate or qualify the overall conclusion if necessary. Purpose is to interpret your results, relate them to your original hypothesis and discuss what they mean.

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