2002 Hist 2111 Exam 3 Study Guide

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Georgia Institute of Technology
HIST 2111
Eleanor C.Alexander

History Until 1877 Exam 3 Study Guide 1. Dorothea Dix - Tried to approve admissions to the asylums. She didn’t like the conditions in hospitals for mentally ill. They were beaten, mistreated, etc. She wanted to have them to have supervised manual labor so they could prepare to return to society again. 2. Emancipation Proclamation - Lincoln gave south 100 days to end war and not free slaves. South continued fighting, so Lincoln passed the E.P. - Freed slaves fighting against Union only. - Border states did not get their slaves freed - Lincoln used this as a military tactic 3. Wilmot Proviso - Has to do with Mexican American War. It said there won’t be slavery in the land that is gained from the Mexican American War. 4. Boarder States - States bordering Mason Dixon line who sided with Union, but still had slaves. Delaware, West VA, Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky. 5. Popular Sovereignty - Belief that states had right to decide about slavery, basically resulted from the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 6. 13 Amendment – Freed all slaves th 7. 14 Amendment – Granted Citizenship of blacks 8. 15 Amendment – Black men allowed to vote 9. Dred Scott Decision – Ex-slave. A doctor took him to IL and was later inherited by doctor’s children. He then got free. He says that since he was free for 4 years, that he could not become a slave again. Supreme Court ruling: 1. He is not a citizen and can’t try his case in front of Supreme Court; 2. People of color are inferior and don’t have the rights of whites; 3. Slaves are property not people and therefore, could be taken anywhere. 10. Fugitive Slave Laws – All authorities had to return run away slaves to their owners. It was passed by congress to appease the South. If you didn’t return them you could be fined or imprisoned. Applies to all slaves who had run away. 11. John Brown – White abolitionist who was caught and hanged. Considered a martyr in the North 12. Negro Soldiers Act – Said blacks could be enlisted in Confederate army 13. Auburn System of Penal Reform – Prisoners should be cut off from the unhealthy environment. They worked together, but couldn’t talk to anyone. 14. Pennsylvania System of Penal Reform – Prisoner had to have total isolation from other prisoners. They had their own cell, exercise yard, and individual workspace. st st 15. Horace Mann – Started 1 public schools and also 1 to let blacks in. Wanted free education for children, professional schoolteachers, same age children in same classes, compulsory school attendance. The farmers did not like this because it took their kids off of the farm and they could do work for the family. Also, it was an increase in taxes. 16. Free Men of Color – Before war they couldn’t vote, testify against whites in court, basically suffered racial discrimination. Some were kidnapped, and resold to slavery. 12 Years of Slavery is a book about a free man of color sold back into slavery. 17. Abraham Lincoln – NOT an abolitionist, president that didn’t like blacks and didn’t think that they were equal, wanted to preserve the Union, but never intended to get rid of slavery. Leader of the Union. Used all his proclamations as military tactics. 18. Johnson’s Reconstruction – He didn’t want to make it easy for South to get back into things. 80% of the people of a southern state had to say they wanted to be back in the union before they were allowed to be back in. He favored the southern whites, was opposed to giving land to blacks and finally was impeached 19. Abolitionist – In the beginning they were not violent. They just want to get rid of the spread of slavery. Bye the end they became violent. – Centered in the North and grew as a religion issue to those who thought it was immoral. Evangelical urban middle class saw slavery as a sin. Attacked on several levels: 1. Illegal because it violated Declaration of Independence; 2. Believed slavery encouraged sexually immorality; 3. MD and VA breed sla
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