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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 244

KNR 244 Team SportsFinal exam study guideTGfU Model Chapter 1ButlerOriginal TGfU modelthe 6 steps1Step 1 The GameThe game is introduced it should be modified to represent the advanced form of the game and meet the developmental level of the learner2Step 2 Game AppreciationStudents should understand the rules eg conditions such as boundaries scoring and so on of the game to be played3Step 3 Tactical AwarenessStudents must consider the tactics of the game ie creating space or defending space to help them work through the principles of play thus increasing their tactical awareness4Step 4 Making Appropriate DecisionsStudents must focus on the decisionmaking process in gamesStudents are asked what to do ie tactical awareness and how to do it ie appropriate response selection and skill execution to help them make appropriate game decisions5Step 5 Skill ExecutionIn this step the focus is on how to execute specific skills and movementsKnowing how to execute is different from performance in that the focus is limited to a specific skill or movementSkill execution is always viewed in the context of the game6Step 6PerformanceFinally performance is based on specific criteria according to the goals of the game lesson or unitUltimately these specific performance criteria lead toward competent and proficient games playersTHE CYCLEPedagogical PrinciplesGame SamplingCan provide students with an opportunity to explore the similarities and differences among gamesExposure to various game forms helps students learn to transfer their learning from one game to anotherRepresentationInvolves developing condensed games that contain the same tactical structure of the advanced form of the game eg reduced number of players modified equipmentThe games classification system can facilitate the representation process by providing a selection of various games with similar tactical problems rather than the traditional selection of teaching one specific sport as a unit topicExaggeration
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