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Study Guide for Cultural Anthropology 1003List and Define all subfields of Anthropology including Applied Anthropology and anydisciplines that go under the subfield ie paleontology under physicalbiologicalanthropologyBiologicalPhysical Paleontology human evolutionary history Primatology nonhuman primates and Forensic Anthropology decomposed human remainsArchaeology studies past cultures based on material remainsLinguistic Anthropology studies language change use and documentationCultural Anthropology study of human society and cultureApplied Anthropology the application of anthropology to solve practical human problemsList characteristicsfeatures of culture culture is the way members of a society adapt to their environment and give meaning to their lives Includes material objects beliefs practices and values1Cultures are made up of learned behaviors2All involve use of language and symbols3Patterned and integrated4Shared by members of a group5In some way adaptive6Culture are subject to changeList and define subsystems of language structure1Phonology sound system of a language aPhone a sound made by humans and used in any languagebPhoneme the smallest significant unit of sound in a language p b in pigbigcAllophone two or more different phones that can be used to make the same phoneme in a specific language p as in pin and p as in spin2Morphology system for creating words from sounds aWord smallest part of a sentence that can be said alone and still retain its meaning unbreakable broken trainerbMorpheme smallest unit of a language that has meaning iBound morpheme a unit of meaning that must be associated with another morpheme to make sense s er es ingiiFree morpheme a unit of meaning that may stand alone as a word a teach break3Syntax arrangement of words to form phrases and sentences Relates form to meaning4Semantics relates form to meaning aLexicon total stock of words in a language ex over 70 words to describe beer in GermanyListdefine characteristics of human languageConventionality words are arbitrarily connected to the things for which they stand Productivity humans can combine wordssounds into new meaningful utterancesDisplacement human capacity to describe things nor happening in the presentWhat is a Holistic Approach An approach that considers culture history language and biology essential to a complete understanding of human societyWhat is the history of the relationship between Anthropologists and the militaryProject Camelot Mid1960s US military project that used anthropologists to achieve foreign policy goals Created controversy inside and outside of anthropology Anthropologists were seen as spies in host countries and it raised concerns about the ethics of the project leading to the first official statement on anthropological ethics Anthropologists are now eitherOn military bases training officers or analyzing military cultureOn the ground in active conflict zones collecting data on the local peoples Human Terrain Systems CompareContrast the following conceptstermstheories include as much info as youhave about each from your notesslidesbooks
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